How do students positively handle their bad results? 

 July 1, 2022

Students always stay tense with exam results & when it comes to bad results, it’s a heartbreaking moment for not only students but also their parents & teachers. Every student gives their best & works hard for the exam but because of some circumstances like scarcity of time, health issues during preparation days & some other problems in term cause a bad impact on Results. So the hope for a better future gets bluish for them & they become hopeless. In such Tragic conditions, students should have an Optimistic Attitude toward a bright future.


One bad result doesn’t mean we can’t do good in the future; students should learn from the mistakes they made in exams that gave them bad results & try to work more on them so that they won’t face the same problem for subsequent exams. Perfection comes from accepting the mistakes & overcoming them by eliminating them. As soon as possible, overcome your bad mood as thinking more about the same problem can lead to stress which is not good for mental health & can affect your productivity.

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Don’t Go For Negativity

Don’t listen to those around you who talk about results that affect your mood. Neglect your background noise which makes you feel down. Talk to someone with whom they feel better. It’s better to Move on from bad results memory, but the lesson you learned from your failure should be kept in mind so that this experience can help you conquer your following exams. The more you know & eliminate your mistakes, the more chances for better results. To make studies easier for students, schools can take the help of School ERP; through its software, all the student data is decorated in one place so that the students do not suffer and can do their work quickly.

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Accept Challenges


It is said that accepting the challenges makes life Interesting & Overcoming the challenges makes life meaningful. To accept the challenges, either you will win or you will learn & both things are required for a person to succeed in life. Always remember that time will pass away, whether it’s a good time or a wrong time, so now if you’re suffering from failures, you have to keep patience & be strong so that when you will get the next opportunity to perform, you will do it with excellent results. Give time to yourself to heal. It’s ok to feel down, but it’s time to get up as a worrier. Express your emotions to others with whom you feel comfortable, like Parents, Teachers, and friends, so you can get out of the trauma of bad performance.

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Enjoy The Skill You Like


Do the Activities which you love to do & make you happy. You can listen to music which makes you relax. You can go for outings with friends so that in their company you can overcome the memory of having a quality time staying with them. Playing games of your choice is the best remedy as it will be more fun with friends. You can do daily exercise to keep your body fit & fine. A healthy mind always works in a healthy body. So be Physically active to avoid any physical problems. Yoga is the activity you can do as Meditation heals & relaxes the body, calms your mind & energy booster therapy.

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Take Balanced Diet

Take a proper amount of healthy diet which includes all necessary nutrients so that the body will face the scarcity of nutrients & whole nutrients can nourish your body. Teachers in the school can help the school management system so that both students and teachers can save maximum time and concentrate on their work.


Stop Comparing

Don’t compare your marks with others & accordingly, don’t compare yourself with others. Everyone has different qualities & flaws, so comparison with others can only bring dissatisfaction in yourself, so focus on yourself. If you are comparing, compare yourself with the person you were before when you made mistakes & not so perfect in different activities to the person you are now with the lessons, perfection, and qualities. If you find yourself in better condition as per previous then won the Battle in yourself which is more important than competing with others.

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