Expert Tips for UPSC Civil Services Exam Interview 

 April 1, 2022

The Union Public Service Commission conducts the annual Civil Services Exam, to recruit candidates to various Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ services across India. Through this exam, UPSC also recruits top-level officers to the three prestigious All India Services, i.e., Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS) and Indian Forest Service (IFS).

Cracking the civil services exam, commonly called the IAS exam, is not an easy thing; one needs continuous hard work, disciplined study and strong willpower. Experts recommend practising IAS Questions daily for better revision, and remembering the important facts.

What is the Best Way to Prepare for the UPSC IAS Interview?

The self-confidence and calmness displayed by the candidates in front of the Interview Panel are critical to leaving a good impression. This will demonstrate to the interviewer that the applicants are in command of themselves and the situation. Good preparation on numerous issues of current events, optional subjects, university courses of study, and the specifics stated in the DAF, will allow the applicants to obtain sufficient conviction and composure. A sufficient number of mock interview sessions will aid in the development of the aforementioned traits.

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Identify and develop thorough topics on a variety of relevant themes. A careful examination of newspapers (The Hindu or The Indian Express), as well as SansadTV programmes, will surely provide an applicant with sufficient critical thinking, and analytic skills to comfortably tackle the questions.

What Kind of Questions are Asked in the UPSC IAS Interview?

A warm and courteous atmosphere prevails during an IAS interview. The applicant is made to feel at ease by the panel, which encourages them to engage properly in the interview. It’s a focused and professional discussion with the members in which the applicant is supposed to be; polite, courteous, and professional in their conduct. Interviewers do not arrive with a questionnaire to put the applicants through their paces. They cautiously open a conversation with their applicant, and then continue the interview, as per their responses. This isn’t a game show. Predicting questions and identifying the “best” ones is incredibly tough. In contrast, an applicant’s replies lead the way in the interview.

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What is the Role of Communication Skills in the UPSC CSE Personality Test?

To get a good score on the personality test, you don’t need a great level of communication abilities. Even with an average communicative ability but extensive knowledge of the topics, clarity of thoughts, unambiguous view on numerous sensitive problems, a harmony of intellect, attentiveness of mind, and a healthy temperament, it is possible to achieve 70% or more. It’s important to keep in mind that this is a personality test, not a quiz.

The above tips are applicable only to those aspirants, which make their way to the personality test round. For those who aspire to serve in the civil services and want to attempt the exam, it is important to first understand the syllabus for UPSC and plan their approach accordingly.

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Candidates need to keep in mind that being natural and neutral, as well as well-knowledged in the interview is the key to success and confusion. Stress will hamper their ability to give their best performance, therefore, it is highly advised to start the interview casually and try to maintain the calmness of mind.

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