9 Benefits of Head-to-Head Betting You Didn’t Know About 

 July 27, 2022

Most fans of horse racing are familiar with pari-mutuel betting, but there’s another way to place bets at the track: head-to-head wagering. Some horse racing insiders might tell you that pari-mutuel wagering is the only way to go, but there are some definite advantages to head-to-head betting that could make it your preferred way to place bets on the horses from now on! Here are 9 benefits of head-to-head betting you may not have known about before now!

1) Decent Odds

The first and most obvious benefit of head-to-head betting is that it offers decent odds like Bet20 Unlike other types of betting, you’re not up against the bookmaker’s margin. This means that you can potentially win more money from head-to-head betting than from other types of bets.

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Since there are two people involved in each head-to-head bet, both parties have a chance to win as opposed to only one person winning in traditional sports gambling or parlay betting.

Fast Wins: Another advantage of head-to-head betting is that winners often receive their payout immediately without having to wait for the event to finish (especially with online gambling). If you want your payout quickly, then this type of bet may be for you.

Higher Winning Potential: Even though there are two players involved in each match, the winning potential is still higher than if you were participating in a straight sports wager. There are more options to choose from and greater diversity when playing head-to-head bettings.

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2) Simple Pricing

When you bet head-to-head, the price is always the same. No matter how many people are betting on the same thing, the price will never change.

This makes it easy to budget your bets and know exactly how much you’ll win or lose. It also helps avoid those awkward moments when one person wins but the other person lost money because they had a different price in mind.

3) No Wagering Requirements

One of the best things about head-to-head betting is that there are no wagering requirements. This means that you can withdraw your winnings at any time, without having to worry about meeting a minimum amount.

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This is great news for those who like to take their winnings and run! You also don’t have to risk more than what you put in when placing your bet.

4) Free Bets for Existing Customers

One of the great benefits of head-to-head betting is that it’s a great way to get free bets for existing customers.

Here’s how it works: if you bet on a team to win and they do, you’ll get your money back plus a free bet. If they lose, you’ll just lose your original bet. But if you bet on a team to lose and they do, you’ll win your bet plus a free bet. So, essentially, you’re getting two chances to win for the price of one!

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5) Lowest Bookmaker Fees

When you bet head-to-head with another person, you are essentially cutting out the bookmaker. This means that the only fees you have to worry about are the ones charged by the site you’re using to facilitate the bet. For example, if you’re using a site like Picklebet, the only fee you’ll be charged is a 5% commission on your winnings.

That’s it! No hidden fees, no extra charges for deposits or withdrawals. Plus, there’s always someone at the other end of the water when you’re betting head-to-head and therefore less chance of scamming.

A stakeholder in your bet isn’t just an impartial third party; they care about who wins too! The best part? Unlike traditional sports betting, where once a game has been won there’s nothing left to bet on, bets placed in this format can keep going all season long.

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6) Daily Limits

If you’re looking to add a little excitement to your sports betting, head-to-head betting is the way to go.  Rather than having one bet on one team and hoping for the best, head-to-head bets allow you to place two bets against each other – picking which team will win both games in the matchup.

As long as one game goes in your favor, you’ll earn a profit! For example: if New York Giants are playing Seattle Seahawks and I want to pick them both because I think they’ll win their respective games – my bet would be on Giants at +110 and Seahawks at -130 (meaning that I’d make $120 on every $100 bet).

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7) Additional Markets

When you bet head-to-head, you’re not limited to the standard markets like money line, point spread, and totals.

You can also bet on player props, game props, and even live betting. This gives you a lot more options to choose from and increases your chances of winning. Plus, with these more creative bets, you can make some pretty sweet money!

8) Favourable Terms on Cash Out, Returns, and Disputes

One big advantage that head-to-head betting has over traditional sportsbook betting is more favorable terms on cash out, returns, and disputes.

This is because head-to-head betting is done between two people who know and trust each other, rather than with a faceless bookmaker. This means that you can agree on mutually beneficial terms, rather than being at the mercy of whatever the bookmaker decides.

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9) Customer Support via Telephone and Email

At Odds Shark, we understand that not everyone is comfortable betting online. That’s why we offer customer support via telephone and email. Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions you may have about betting on sports. We’re here to help you make the most of your sports betting experience. With over 20 years in the industry, our team has built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise.


Head-to-head betting is the most popular form of sports betting in the United States, although this varies depending on what type of sport you’re talking about (for example, many European countries enjoy parlay bets). These are nine benefits of head-to-head betting that will help you get started with this popular style of betting.

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