Types of advertising methods in Telegram 

 September 1, 2022

As you know, Telegram is one of the most popular messengers, and advertising on this messenger can give you good results. But if you don’t know how to advertise on Telegram, stay with us so we can introduce to you the best advertising methods on Telegram.

Advertising in Telegram is generally limited to three methods.

  1. Advertising by sending messages in private chats
  2. Advertising in Telegram groups
  3. Advertising in Telegram channels

In the following, we would like to provide you with explanations about each of these methods so that you can decide with sufficient information.


Advertising in Telegram by sending messages to private chat

You probably know that this method is the best advertising method in the Telegram application. Because people always pay special attention to the messages they receive privately. A message that is sent privately arouses people’s curiosity to see from whom this message was sent to them and what its content is. For this reason, the message that is sent in the private chat will be viewed by the recipient. So, if you are looking for an efficient way to advertise, this method will help you a lot in being seen.

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If you can send a private message to a large number of people on Telegram during the day, you will surely have a profitable advertisement. But if you have decided to advertise your business in this way, you should also keep in mind that advertising on Telegram is not so easy.

Telegram considers some things as message sending restrictions and applies these restrictions to users to keep advertisements in this messenger as its monopoly.

The limitations that make it difficult for you to advertise on Telegram are:

  1. It is not possible to send a group message on Telegram
  2. There is a daily limit for sending private messages to unknown people on Telegram
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In the following, we will explain these limitations to you.

It is not possible to send a group message on Telegram

Suppose you want to send a private message to someone on Telegram. You have two ways to do this. The first is to search for those person’s ID in Telegram and enter their profile and send the message. The second is to save their number on your Telegram, enter their PV from the contacts section of Telegram, and send your desired message.

But suppose you have a list of many numbers, if you want to send messages to all of them, you have to save each of these numbers and send messages to all of them one by one. As you know, if you do this for all these numbers, it is time-consuming and intolerable.

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So, to do this easily and as quickly as possible, we suggest you use some automation tools for sending group messages.

There is a daily limit for sending private messages to unknown people on Telegram

Telegram does not limit sending messages to familiar people. Familiar people mean those who have saved your number or have chatted with you at least once.

But for anonymous people (people who don’t have your number saved and you haven’t chatted with them yet) you can’t send as many messages as you want. In this case, Telegram limits you and you are only allowed to send messages to 50 people a day. As you know, this number of messages during the day is few for advertising, and you need to send more messages to be effective.

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How do advertise on Telegram despite these restrictions?

Not being able to send group messages on Telegram can make it difficult for us. If we want to save a large number of lines manually in Telegram and send messages to each of them, it will be very time-consuming and difficult. We can use tools that perform all these operations automatically. These tools can save all desired numbers in Telegram and send our advertising content to them.

Also, to send messages to more than 50 people, we must have more lines. But switching between lines after 50 messages and entering the next account to send the next 50 messages is almost impossible. For this reason, using this automatic tool helps us a lot and makes us do these works faster during the day.

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Advertising in Telegram Groups

This method is one of the effective methods in advertising. People who are in a group are interested in the topic of that group or need the content of that group. If you can find groups that are related to your business, you can expose the message and advertising content to people who are interested in your field of work or need your services and products.

But advertising in the group has its principles. You should pay attention to the time of sending your message. Because sometimes there are no rules in the group, and people can send messages in the group whenever they want, and in this case, your message may get lost in the multitude of messages and be seen less. For this reason, you should regularly send your message at specific hours. For this, you need a tool that you can set certain times to automatically send your messages. Because doing this work manually will take you a lot of time and this is the reason why you cannot do this work regularly.

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Advertising on Telegram Channels

Telegram channels are also an effective atmosphere for advertising because they have a large population and that is why you can expose your content to many people.

Advertising in Channel Is Done in Three Ways.

  1. Based on the visit
  2. Based on clicks
  3. Based on the specified time

In the first type of advertising, your post will be on the channel until the views of your advertising post reach a certain number.

The second type of advertising is in the channel until your post receives a certain number of clicks.

And in the last type of advertising, you specify a time range (12 hours or 24 hours) and as soon as the advertising time ends, your post will be removed from the channel.

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In this article, we found out that Telegram is one of the best advertising atmospheres due to its large number of users. And if we advertise on Telegram, it will be highly effective. As mentioned above, you can advertise on Telegram in 3 ways. (1. Sending private messages to individuals, 2. Sending promotional messages in groups, 3. Advertisements on Telegram channels). In these methods, you may face limitations such as daily message sending limits or the inability to send group messages on Telegram. With tools that can do all these tasks automatically, the advertising process becomes very easy for us.

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