What is the Role of the Digital Healthcare System in the Hair Restoration Process? 

 October 15, 2021

With the world going digital in every field of service and consumer segment, India isn’t a country to be left behind. India has some of the best healthcare technology in the world and is using it even more as it is compelled to keep up with the current trends.

Digital health is influencing relevant and crucial decisions in India’s healthcare system. Digital healthcare enables patients and doctors to use digital technology to communicate with each other. The benefits of such an innovative healthcare system are innumerous and connect many areas of service and consumer products.

A distinctive advantage of using digital technology in the healthcare world is that it has drastically altered traditional healthcare practices, overcoming challenges faced by traditional methods. Patients now have the freedom to handle information pertaining to their health and manage their own health data independently.

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All they need is a device. A smartphone will suffice, and today, everyone has access to one. Furthermore, patients’ data from several sources can be tracked, located, and reviewed by doctors and patients alike.

Digitization in India

Although one of India’s largest sectors lies in healthcare, and India is the global destination of health tourism, it has been a tad slow in making its mark in the digital healthcare sphere. Some doctors still prefer maintaining manual records and writing paper prescriptions.

Nonetheless, India is changing and is forced to do so even faster with situations like the COVID-19 pandemic unraveling. First, the field of digital health is contactless. That may count for something during a pandemic, but it also means that communication is convenient.

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Clear Benefits

It is a fact that the majority of India’s population lives in rural and semi-rural areas. Access to good medical care is almost non-existent in some of these parts, or it functions at a very basic level. During any emergency, or to prevent a potential health risk, doctors can be consulted over video chat and advice can be sought.

This may mean the difference between life and death at times. Doctors may talk about symptoms and can see the pallor of a patient and prescribe medication.

And these services are accessible for a lot of health-related problems. For example, for any problem related to hair loss, you can reach out to the best digital healthcare platforms like Numan who will guide you about the best treatment options like Regaine, https://www.numan.com/hair-loss/finasteride, etc. and would prescribe the best-suited one for you as per the needs.

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This may seem very basic, but it highlights how digital healthcare is much-needed in India.

This is happening right now, and though its progress is gradual, as people experience its benefits, processes are surging ahead.

In a more advanced scenario, digital health can have an impact on healthcare practices every day. Other than just being utilized for communication with your medical practitioner, digital health allows for secure storage and retrieval of healthcare documents.

It also makes simple, but time-consuming tasks like appointment scheduling and filling prescriptions more efficient. Cutting out the middleman from the equation makes for less potential errors in systems. The cost of labor also comes down.

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Innovation and Technology

Having an online consultation with your doctor is the easiest part of the digital health process. For instance, at one of the premier hair restoration clinics in India, Dr. Batra’s, the focus of patient’s needs and welfare is taken care of digitally.

From state-of-the-art information technology systems that store patient records and update them, to analysis and diagnostics done with advanced digital scanning technology and 3D cameras, Dr. Batra’s Hair Transplant services are hi-tech and up to speed in the digital age.

Hair Transplant

Tests to assess hair loss and skin type are done at Dr. Batra’s clinic by trained technicians. This includes a video microscope that magnifies a patient’s hair and scalp by 200 times. Doctors gain information about the patient’s scalp condition and follicle state with greater accuracy. The device is used to predict future hair loss, if any, as well.

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The procedure that is used at Dr. Batra’s hair transplantation clinic is hair transplantation which is follicular. This process, done with the help of robotic surgery, is one in which clusters of hair (where hair growth is appropriate) from the patient’s scalp are removed with their roots. These clusters are then replanted at the site where there is an absence of hair.

You don’t have to worry about the financial costs involved in cosmetic procedures such as hair transplantation if you own the Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card. This will put your mind at ease as far as costs of hair transplantation are concerned, as it covers any and all medical expenses in one shot!

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The Digital Health EMI Network Card lets you convert the costs, which include pharmacy, hospital, outpatient, and diagnostic costs into easy EMIs, and you can pay for your medical treatments in flexible tenors up to 24 months!

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