Unconventional designs you can include in your home 

 March 25, 2023

While a house should be an expression of your personality, there are some elements in a house that can make it go from a simple one to the one straight out of a magazine. These small touches are usually unconventional designs that you may miss while thinking of home décor. Here are some simple and easily doable ideas that have not been seen so commonly in the home.

  1. Rolling cart – While most people have dismissed the concept of a rolling bar, it is making its way back into homes. The convenient mobile bar, side table, toiletries table and so on are great ideas when it comes to a rolling cart. The best part about this is not the wheels but the multi-functionality too. In case you wish to swap out the linen and vase for a bar, you can do so easily.
  2. Minimalistic TV unit design – A TV unit can be a simple design meant to accent the wall. The TV can be wall-mounted and you can save tons of space by letting go of the traditional unit. A simple TV unit design ensures the room doesn’t feel too crowded. If you are looking for an unconventional idea, you can always create a TV unit on a rolling cart as well.
  3. Repurpose bins, boxes, and trunks – A lot of old houses have a bunch of old crates and trunks that have good structural integrity but look worn out. You can simply repurpose these as tables, side tables, and even TV units. Your layout and repurposed furniture will depend heavily on the sofa set design. Ensure that the height matches and that it is comfortable for the person sitting on the sofa. You can also add trunks as side tables and crates as magazine holders, planters, and so on.
  4. Decorating stands and cabinets – The old-school filing cabinets and stands comprised only a skeletal structure that allowed the items to be kept and are open from all corners. These are great for storing and decorating too. You can keep planters, mugs, trays, books, and so on. These shelves are a great idea for storage and for giving your house some vintage charm.
  5. Glass jars for all groceries – That’s right. It can be tricky to keep them intact and not break them but glass colours look beautiful when stacked next to each other. You can label your ingredients and keep ambiguity at bay. Glass jars are easier to clean and maintain.
  6. Use drawer organizers – Drawers are helpful when you want to have a clean table. Drawer organizers are of great help when you don’t want your stuff in the drawer getting mixed up. It also ensures you can store more things in the drawer and you can find what you want within one go. Another great advantage of drawer organizers is that when you wish to clean the drawer, you can simply remove it and put it back easily. You need not buy drawer organizers from shops. Use small and simple things to organize. A box whose lid you can’t find, a broken pencil box, a pretty toiletries box and so on. Anything can be used to keep your drawers tidy.
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These unconventional ways to keep your home pretty can be tweaked and twisted at your convenience. These designs are one of the best ways to make sure your house stands out and has a unique aura of its own/.




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