Tips for newbies in World of Warcraft Shadowlands 

 September 20, 2022

Despite the solid age of MMO World of Warcraft, game developers continue to release updates, expanding the game world in order to retain old players and attract new ones.


Added new raids mythic 15 boost Needs and locations, NPCs and quests.


What a beginner should know about WoW in 2022:


  • Education system
  • Freedom of pumping
  • Professions


Education system


Since the Shadowlands update, game developers Blizzard have overhauled the tutorial system. Now special attention is paid to the introduction of new players and a separate zone is allocated. Players appear on the ship and enter the training ground. They are taught how to move around the game map, how to use skills and aids, how to interact with the interface and how to destroy monsters.

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The player will be taught everything he may encounter in the process of mastering the game world.


The game class should be approached carefully, but without fanaticism. It’s not worth spending hours thinking about the ideal game class – it’s worth relying on character traits and the desired role in the game world. It is advisable to start with a character that deals damage – they do not need companions up to a certain level and many monsters will not be a problem. If you start as a support class, you may run into problems with long leveling and low damage.


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If you have a company to start the game, then you can safely take supports and help your friends in pumping, and they will provide you with levels.


Freedom of pumping


With each major update, new lands, or islands, are added to the World of Warcraft. Accordingly, the quest system expands and the main storyline changes.


Due to the large number of different locations of equal level, the developers leave the players the right to choose locations where they can level up.


It is not necessary to follow the shadowlands storyline to reach the maximum level, just choose your favorite location from the updates and follow the quest system for that region.

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Many players claim that the value of professions is greatly reduced from update to update. This is not the case, since professions allow the character to earn additional gold and create equipment for themselves to advance to a difficult level of the game.


Professions remain optional, but important to understanding all aspects of the game world. For example, fishing will allow you to relax after a difficult raid and bring additional resources, and alchemy will help you turn herbs into useful potions.


Keep in mind that a character can only develop two main professions to choose from and three public ones, but about them a little later.

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What professions are:



  • Collection of herbs
  • Skinning
  • Mining



  • Alchemy
  • blacksmith craft
  • Leatherworking
  • Tailoring
  • jewelry
  • inscription
  • First aid


All professions are often combined with each other and by choosing two related professions, you can provide the character with useful resources and sell finished goods in the form of equipment or potions, and if you choose unrelated ones, you can earn gold on game resources.


Herbal Gathering – Combines with Alchemy and First Aid. Allows you to find and collect special plants in the game areas for pumping.


Alchemy creates potions of various directions that will increase game parameters, or reduce enemy characteristics if the potions are of an attacking type.

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First Aid allows you to turn collected herbs into bandages and healing bundles. Always useful for long runs.


Skinning – allows you to skin dead animals. Pairs well with leatherworking.


Leatherworking – Allows the player to use hides to craft light armor. Demanded by warriors and hunters. It is recommended in mastering for corresponding classes.


Mining – combined with jewelry and blacksmithing. There are many mines on the game map, which can be used if the character has a pickaxe. Ore is used in the forge, and gems in jewelry.


Blacksmithing is a heavy craft that allows you to create the appropriate armor. Recommended for players of relevant professions.

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Jewelcrafting – allows you to create unique jewelry that will increase the parameters of the wearer. A highly demanded and expensive profession. The quality depends on the inscriptions and recipes that the character knows.


Inscription is one of the most important professions, since almost all equipment and weapons in the game are created by creating inscriptions. This is a peculiar sketch, on which the character relies, and without the presence of inscriptions, many equipment cannot be created.


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