Tighten pores with Skin Radiance. 

 June 29, 2022

Fillers, also known as fillers that enhance the filling on the face Whether it’s filling the lips to make them look luscious, looking fuller, filling the forehead to look beautiful. But fillers can solve facial skin problems such as dry and dehydrated skin. It doesn’t look smooth either. by entering to restore or what we call “Skin Radiance”

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What is Skin Radiance?

Skin Radiance is a filler injection to adjust the problematic skin. by choosing the right formula and brand of filler The fillers we all know are imitations that are present in our natural skin cells, that is. Is a substance hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic Acid or HA), which when older, Hyaluronic Acid or HA will naturally disappear. make the skin dry and wrinkles dehydrated skin Does not shine, which is also the cause of premature aging by injecting Skin Radiance to help fill the missing Hyaluronic Acid in the skin layer. with good water-absorbing properties It will help the skin become more hydrated. The skin that used to be dry has returned to be moisturized again. Skin Radiance has properties that add moisture more than other treatments. Enhances the skin’s smoothness noticeably. which can rejuvenate the skin at 4 levels

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– Skin Radiance to reveal the skin’s natural aura

– Skin Hydration Skin is full of water, juicy, and looks healthy by adding fillers that help absorb water into it.

– Skin Rejuvenation to make the skin look beautiful again. by restoring the deteriorated skin layer

– Pore Minimization helps tighten pores to make the skin look smooth.


Who is Skin Radiance suitable for?

Skin Radiance is suitable for people with skin problems. Without moisture, dehydrated skin and sagging skin, the Hyaluronic Acid with water-hygroscopic properties will collect water under the skin layer. make the skin look firm young again

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– Dry, dehydrated skin, lack of nourishment

– Starts to have premature wrinkles There is a slight sagging.

– Dull skin, looking shabby, not smooth

– Large pores, acne scars

– Those who want to adjust the skin in some areas such as the cheeks to look radiant and increase Radiance

– People with crow’s feet problem


The filler of Skin Radiance that is injected will come in a fine texture, making it look natural, not hard, not tight, so it’s suitable for those who want to inject a natural look. Not too bad The filler will restore every layer of skin that has deteriorated to look radiant.

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Where can Skin Radiance be injected?

Skin Radiance injection can be injected all over the face. because the filler will restore the skin that lacks nourishment and problems to be able to inject all over the area

– All over the face to adjust the skin to be smooth, look full of water, youthful, reduce sagging and some wrinkles on the face to look shallower

– around the cheeks and forehead to inject more Radiance to give a dimensional look and adjust the face to look outstanding

– Inject around the wrinkles around the eyes to make it look shallower. Help your eyes look brighter than before.

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– Inject in the area of ​​wrinkles or shallow acne holes to make it look more shallow wrinkles look faded


Advantages of Skin Radiance injections

  1. The injection looks natural, not hard, smooth with the skin.

Fillers used for Skin Radiance injections are developed to have the properties of fillers that are small molecules, smooth and blend into the skin. And there have also been invented injection methods that are suitable for injections to adjust the skin to look smooth and radiant as possible.


  1. Facial skin looks glowing with dimensions

The skin condition has noticeably improved. because it’s like adding water to the skin that lacks nourishment to be fully maintained and also to restore collagen fibers under the skin Makes the result look juicy and dimensional

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  1. It does not take a long time and does not need to recuperate.

Filler injections fill the skin with water. It’s not a surgery, so there’s no need to recuperate. And also it doesn’t take long, 30-45 minutes on average.


  1. Safe, no risk

Because inZ Clinic, we choose genuine fillers with standards and order from dealers correctly. And the doctor who performed the injection was skilled. by analyzing skin problems and correct it properly


  1. Feel the real effect. The service users are satisfied with the results.

Customers are satisfied after the filler injection to adjust the skin texture. and feel the real effect in terms of changing skin condition in a good way

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Taking care of yourself after Skin Radiance injection

After Skin Radiance injections, taking care of yourself is also very important. because if you take good care of yourself As a result, the retention time of the filler is long as well. It also helps to reduce swelling after injection quickly.


– Avoid laser treatment on the filler area for 2 weeks because it is the use of heat that may affect the filler.

– Avoid behaviors that cause fillers to disintegrate and harm the skin, such as exposure to intense red light. Activities exposed to extreme heat facial sauna

– Do not press or massage the injection area to prevent the filler from spreading.

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– Drink plenty of water, especially on the first day of injection. to make the filler last longer

– Refrain from eating foods such as slang, fleas, pickles, seafood, including alcoholic beverages. including enough rest

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