List of Top Forex Trading Platforms 

 January 15, 2022

Forex is a combination of foreign exchange (Forex), which is the trading of currencies and securities such as stocks and bonds, and derivatives such as futures. Forex is a market where a lot of trading is done and currency exchanges are one of the most popular ones.

The top forex trading platforms in the world include:

Legacy Open FX (By EBS)

EBS is a very popular platform, with its European headquarters located in London. EBS uses fully automated rules and is optimized for exchange trading. Other platforms of note are Hong Kong based RSR Trader, Singapore’s LiveXLive Group and Taiwan-based GFex.


ForexProTrader is an online forex broker, offering 24-hour trading to its users. It has client accounts as well as global and national institutional clients. They have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

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GFI Forex

GFex was acquired by GFI in 2015 and now operates as a subsidiary. GFI Forex was first launched in the 1960’s, and has been running a forex trading business since 1974.


PTRADE is a trading platform which offers several accounts, including full IRAs and non-IRAs. It has an all-inclusive trading and deposit offer. PTRADE is owned and operated by PHH, which trades over $110 billion in securities each day.

Nexus FX

Nexus FX is a Canadian Forex broker that offers trading on 7 countries. It has an extensive payment processor network that helps to ensure security.


MiraFX is a currency exchange that offers high-volume, low-risk trading options to its clients. The company currently has 22 locations in the United States.

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Platinum FX

Platinum FX is a licensed US broker with an exchange across five nations. They have an unparalleled global currency and foreign exchange platform that has been in operation since 2001. Platinum FX is one of the largest and most well-known forex brokers in the market.

Pacific FX

Pacific FX is a multi-currency forex broker that offers both automated and human-driven trading services to its customers. You can opt for veracity markets too because it is also a top-rated platform. Veracity markets account registration is always open for new forex investors.


TreasuryFX offers online forex trading, as well as spot, and futures trading for various currencies. They also specialize in the Euro, Pound, and Dollar currencies.

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Tokyo FX

Tokyo FX is an online forex broker that provides users with 100% automated trading, both in stocks and forex. The broker offers currency trading, currency conversion and forex margin trading.

Dot Currency

Dot Currency is another forex broker that allows users to set the level of risk they are willing to take. It also allows them to choose their own currency pairings, set up trade alerts, and setup multi-level withdrawal policy.


Founded in 2005, FXCM is an international retail foreign exchange trading and clearing firm, which helps individuals and corporations trade foreign currencies. It has been providing market data, industry information, and client communications in order to help customers make trading decisions and make the best possible decision for them.

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Final Verdict:

Now, we have finally listed out for you the top forex trading platforms that offer the most beneficial forex trading platform. You should not lose your chance to have a quick glance at these great forex trading platforms.

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