Increase Your Winning Chances (A Guide That ANYONE Can Follow) 

 September 27, 2020


Let’s be honest. The reason most people visit an online casino is to try and win some money. Even though the games are varied and lots of fun to play, the underlying attraction of casinos is the small hope that we might actually end up as a winner.

As unlikely as it is, it’s a hope that we cling to, and sometimes we might just get lucky and end up walking away with something in our pockets, rather than them being completely empty.

Most of us are realists though and accept that the most probable outcome is that we will lose. That’s the whole purpose of casinos – they make money and we lose it. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way, and there are a few things that you can do which can help improve your chances of winning.

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OK, you won’t be guaranteed to hit the jackpot each time, but wouldn’t it be nice to not lose all of your money. Even breaking even for some people is seen as a victory.

The explosion of online gambling

Source: BeanstalkSource: Beanstalk
Source: Beanstalk

Over the past decade the online gambling industry has really taken off and more and more people are signing up to online casino and gambling sites to enjoy the variety of games and place a few bets on sporting events.

The convenience of online casinos means that people are only ever a couple of clicks away on their mobile phone or desktop from playing a couple hands of poker. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, of what time of the day it is, if you fancy a little flutter, then there’s nothing to stop you.

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In this article we will look at some of the things that you can do which can help you improve your chances of winning.

Make sure the online casino is legit

Source: MediumSource: Medium
Source: Medium

As obvious as it might sound, it’s important to be sure that the online casino you have signed up with to play is a legitimate one like lvbet.com. If you are new to the world of online gambling, then it’s a much safer bet (no pun intended) to go with one of the more known casino brands, rather than some obscure one you might have stumbled on during your searches online.

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A good casino will provide you with an easy to use and transparent way to deposit money into your account. They will also offer you a range of sign up bonuses, usually in the form of a one-off bonus when you register, or the doubling of your initial deposit, up to an amount of around $50-$100. When you can pick up a bonus such as this, it’s a great way to try out a casino for the first time and see what games it offers, without risking your own money.

Make sure you know the rules of the game you are playing

Source: Casino-Night.orgSource: Casino-Night.org
Source: Casino-Night.org

Another obvious thing to consider, but you’ll be surprised just how many people sign up to an online casino and jump right into the action, regardless of whether they know how to play the game or not.

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Even if you are someone who knows how to play the game, there are a number of casino games such as poker that have different variants, each with their own rules and way of playing. Poker for example, comes in a range of forms such as stud poker, Texas Hold’em poker or 3 card poker. Just be sure that you know which version you are playing before you start to gamble real money.

Roulette is another game that has two different versions. Though very similar, the European version has a single green zero, while the American version has two, which in turns hands over a slightly better advantage to the casino.

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Find games with a low house advantage

Source: PinterestSource: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Not all casino games will give the house the same odds. There are some games where the house will only have a very slight advantage over the player, and these are the games you will want to play if you are looking to win.

Some games such as Keno or Bingo give the house really high odds in their favor, so you’ll want to avoid either of these unless you enjoy playing them.

For a better chance of winning, try a game such as a blackjack or roulette, both of which offer the player good odds. In roulette for example, if you play the strategy of red or black, you have just under a 50% chance of winning. However, the amount you will win isn’t going to be anything to write home about, but it’s better than losing every time.

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Blackjack is another very popular casino game that is very easy to learn, and one where you have a good chance of winning. The rules are very simple and the house will only have a very slight advantage over the player.

There are some other games such as craps and video poker that also offer good odds for the player, but with these games, the best odds will come when you bet a specific way.

Not all bets you place are going to give you the same odds, and in some cases, the house will have a clear advantage. Again, this relates back to an earlier point of making sure you know the rules of the game before sitting down at a table to play.

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Stick to your limits

Source: Translation RoyaleSource: Translation Royale
Source: Translation Royale

One very important factor when it comes to any type of gambling is to know when to stop. If you are on a losing streak, you should just accept that today wasn’t your day and walk away. The chances of turning that bad luck around by continuing to play is the worst thing you can do.

You should either set a time limit when you are at an online casino, such as 90 minutes maximum, or limit the amount of money you will gamble. Discipline is an important part of gambling and one that you should follow instinctively.

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Let luck happen

Source: Rehab ThailandSource: Rehab Thailand
Source: Rehab Thailand

Sometimes luck does happen, and you might have a big win at a casino. However, don’t count on it happening very often, or at all if you are being honest with yourself. But, it’s not impossible.

Maybe today will be your lucky day and you’ll hit that elusive jackpot that you’ve been dreaming of. If that does happen – enjoy the moment. It probably won’t be something that is going to happen again, so make the most of it.

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