How to Make a Logo for a Coffee Shop 

 February 9, 2023

The coffee shop logo is not just a cute picture, but a whole marketing tool that attracts thousands of guests and makes them regular visitors


Today, a coffee shop is not just a cafe where you can taste delicious coffee and enjoy an unusual dessert. A good coffee shop attracts guests with a unique atmosphere, its own philosophy, and a special mood.


Most coffee companies look very similar. Characteristic “coffee” features can be found in corporate colors, logos, various media and in the interior. Many simply do not want to take risks and do not dare to experiment. Perhaps, if you are the owner of a small coffee shop near the metro, you do not need a corporate identity. But those who are building more ambitious plans should think about more.


The difficulty in developing a logo arises if the owner of the coffee shop does not know what exactly distinguishes his institution from all the others. You should pay attention to what is happening in competing establishments and understand what a unique client can get by coming to you. With the help of a logo, you can explain to people why they should make a choice in your favor.


The name also plays an important role when creating a logo. A unique brand name will be a good message for choosing an image for a logo. When choosing a symbol for a unique name, you should focus on the obvious things:


  • Think about what is included in the brand name. If it is associated with morning coffee, then you can choose an image of the sun as an emblem.

  • Also, the name may be associated with some cute animal. In this case, everything is very simple – we take an image of an animal, preferably unusual and positive – here’s a ready-made coffee shop logo for you.

  • Many people call brands by their proper names – with this option, some kind of funny caricature will be appropriate.



When choosing a stylish logo for a coffee shop, it is important to consider several key criteria:


Coloring It should be pleasant and harmonious. To this end, it is better to abandon the abundance of excessively bright shades – on a subconscious level, they can cause irritation and rejection. Use harmonious combinations, combining deep, multifaceted colors. To reflect the theme of the institution, you can paint the logo in one of the shades of brown.


The style of the inscription .It is not necessary to choose the most fashionable fonts of this year – you can completely move away from modern trends and use retro, vintage or classic coffee shop logos. The main thing is that the symbol looks organic and does not contradict the concept of the institution. There is a huge variety of fonts, each of which evokes certain associations among the guests.

Compositiont.It is important that all elements of the brand name harmonize with each other and are correctly placed on it. The main part of the logo should be occupied by the name of the company or an icon with a thematic image. Also, you should not overload the logo by placing the name, slogan and image on it at the same time.


The logo should be attractive and inspire a sense of trust among customers. Thus, they will remember you, and they will definitely come here again and bring friends with them.The right logo should make a lasting impression and make you remember exactly your institution. In order to succeed in the fierce market competition in modern conditions, the logo must contain such characteristics as: a unique design, an impressionable image, a memorable slogan, a unique flavor, in order for your business to develop and prosper.


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