Do Dog Harnesses Help With Training? 

 December 16, 2022

Do dog harnesses help with training?  The short answer is: yes!  However, there are rules and guidelines you should follow to ensure your training is as effective as possible.  If you use a harness incorrectly or allow it to make your dog uncomfortable, you could be training them into behaviors you won’t want to see.


These are some of the top training tips for harnesses and how your dog can be a star in no time.

What Does a Harness Do?

If you’ve only ever had your dog on a leash and collar, you may be unsure about how a harness can help them feel more comfortable.  Thankfully, there’s a small learning curve on this that almost anyone can handle.


A harness snugly fits your dog’s chest and back and allows you to guide them through that instead of by the neck.  This will enable them to feel more comfortable and confident while also avoiding issues like leash tangling and yanking by the neck.

Does It Help With Training?

Yes!  A harness is one of the best things you can do for training.  This allows you to guide your dog exactly where you want them to be, pull them away from dangerous situations, and work with them as a team.


Using a harness can train your dog to walk better and will give them the opportunity to prove they’re comfortable walking at your side without pulling you or having to be tugged along.

Does Your Dog Need to Wear it All the Time?

No!  A dog harness doesn’t need to stay on your dog all the time.  It’s better if you have cues and specific times when the harness goes on.  This should be during exciting moments like walks, trips to the park, and training.


Although no harness should be tight enough to be uncomfortable, taking it off tells your dog that you’re out of training time, and they can relax and be comfortable. 

What Can Make a Harness Fail

There are many things that can make harness training fail, and one of the biggest problems is an ill-fitting harness.  Don’t just go by size names, large, medium, and small.  Instead, measure your dog and find a harness that will fit your dog perfectly.  Using it without any real schedule or purpose, or forgetting to use it for weeks, can also make it harder to train your dog to use it.

Tips for First-Time Harness Users

The first time you introduce your dog to their harness, you should use treats to incentivize them and make them curious about the device.  Add contact information on a patch or tag on their harness, and make sure you can fit at least two fingers between your dog and their harness to keep it as cozy as possible.

Every Dog Deserves Great Training

Training is one of the best ways to boost your relationship with your dog, make them feel more comfortable, and give them the tools they need to succeed.  Work with a harness and positive reinforcement to ensure your dog is excited about training.

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