Cybersecurity While Online Gambling: What You Need to Know 

 March 31, 2022


The intimidating rise in cyberattacks is the cause of concern for every internet user. A considerable part of our lives have moved online in the past few years, and so did criminals.


Walking around with an unguarded wallet is as dangerous on the internet as it is on any big city’s street. So, if you love an online casino, it’s time to think about cybersecurity. Follow Nina Olsenberg, our guest specialist in cybersecurity during gambling. Here’s your crash course on how to stay safe while gambling online.

No Rest For The Wicked – Nor the Saint


The number and scale of cyberattacks have risen lately, with companies Yahoo, Alibaba, and LinkedIn being targeted. Since cybercriminals are typically after money, online gamblers can make for a tasty snack. That’s why the best gambling platforms always have top-notch security systems. How to know when an online casino is safe, though? Gamblers from Norway can safely play on any platform at the Norsk casino.

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If you haven’t taken your online security seriously yet, you could be in for a rough awakening. According to research from Comparitech, cybercrimes cost victims about USD 318 billion annually. Luckily, there are safe ways to enjoy your favourite games online without becoming an easy target. Read about them below.

Get Protection

Your homework starts on your gaming device, be it a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. Get a VPN and an antivirus before even starting your search. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it creates a safe space for you while you browse. All the communication between your device and the VPN is encrypted so that no third parties can interfere or read.

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Antiviruses protect you against, well, viruses, but not only so. Most of them also check websites’ certificates and security issues, preventing you from even clicking on them. Never miss an antivirus update, and periodically check your device for hidden threats.

Avoid Public WiFi

Everybody loves free internet, but when it comes to online gambling, public WiFis are best avoided. Public WiFi networks are also common places for hackers looking for vulnerable individuals. Because you’re sharing the same network, it’s easier for them to tap into your phone. That’s why you also shouldn’t access your internet banking using a public hotspot. Actually, that’s why you need a VPN in the first place, to stay safe in such situations.

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Look for Licences and Certificates

Having your device neat and tidy isn’t enough to stay out of trouble. Your gambling platform of choice must also have a solid security system. After all, online casinos store some pretty sensitive information about their customers. These include personal documents and baking details. The best online casinos have their whole platform protected by the SSL system or equivalent. SSL means Security Socket Layer, and it’s the gold standard in this industry.

Prefer Tried and Tested Payment Options

Don’t play games with your safety. Choose a well-known and accredited payment method. Standard credit cards, and e-wallets such as PayPal and Skrill, ensure safety and transparency in every transaction. Should something go wrong with your deposit, it’s going to be much easier to solve with a well-established payment gateway company.

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Be Dedicated

If you gamble professionally or gamble often, consider getting an exclusive device for your gaming sessions. It could be a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop. The important thing is to use it only for gambling and nothing else. No email, social media, or web surfing, as you could come across a virus, spyware, and other cyber unpleasantries there.

No Brainer

Cybercriminals and cybersecurity companies are constantly trying to outpace each other. Still, it doesn’t mean there aren’t safe ways of enjoying your favourite pastime. Stick to tips in this article, and you’ll remain above the risk of very real headaches.


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