CoWIN App Registration: Common Issues and How to Solve Them 

 April 13, 2023


CoWIN App Registration: Common Issues and How to Solve Them


It is needless to say that 2020 struck a chord in all our lives and altered it forever. Yes, it is the Covid-19 pandemic that changed the world and made it see days no one had expected.


However, mankind and its unimaginable power to find solutions made it possible to overcome the most dreaded years of our lives, that is, through endemic, with the help of creating effective vaccines. Numerous portals emerged, out of which one of the most popular and effective ones was the CoWIN portal. It was life-saving and made it possible for millions in our country to get their respective doses of vaccines and keep themselves and their close ones safe from the Covid-19 virus.

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A critical incident was the numerous issues in the app of CoWIN. The issues made it difficult for people to register for the vaccine. In the following discussion, we will look into the various issues regarding the CoWIN app and ways of resolving them. So, let’s discuss this without any further delay.


What is CoWIN?


Before we get into the issues for the CoWIN app, let us be clear about what CoWIN is. CoWIN stands for Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network. It is an Indian government digital portal that serves the purpose of registration for the COVID-19 vaccine. India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is the authority that owns and operates the portal. Therefore, The CoWIN is a web portal that enables people to register to take their COVID-19 vaccines.

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What is CoWIN self-registration?


Cowin self-registration refers to the process by which an individual registers oneself for receiving the appropriate dose of the COVID-19 vaccine through the portal of CoWIN. It requires following and fulfilling simple steps and certain documents which prove your legitimacy. You can also register for your close ones who, too, want to avail themselves of the doses of COVID-19



What are the issues with CoWIN registration?


CoWIN has an app from which you can use the portal to register for the vaccines. However, there are some issues that the individuals have faced recharging their registration procedure. The issues include the following.

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  • Crashing of the app


It is the most general form of the issue that individuals face when trying to access or use the app of CoWIN. Simply, the app needs to be fixed. The users cannot access any option or register for the vaccination slots. The app is available for Android and iOS users, and the issue of crashing the app is prevalent for both users.


  • Not allowing everyone to register for the vaccine.


One of the most distressing issues about the CoWIN registration app is that although it promised to allow everyone above 18 years to register for the vaccine, it needs to keep its premise. Once an individual was signing in to the app, they were often seen that people who were 45 only would be able to register for the vaccine through the portal. Thus, it was truly distressing for every individual who was not 45 and was also worried about requesting for their other close ones.

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  • Unable to receive the OTP


Here was another major issue that was equally displeasing. Every individual requires an OTP for cowin app registration. With the OTP, it is possible to register and reserve a slot for vaccination. But, to everyone’s shock, the app could not send the OTP to the rest individual’s phones which ultimately caused them to face issues registering for their vaccination slots. Either the page was freezing, or the OTP was not reaching the person’s phone.


  • Difficulty in finding available vaccination slots


Another issue individuals face while registering through the CoWIN app is finding available vaccination slots. Due to high demand and limited supply, slots get booked quickly, and it becomes a challenge to find an available slot. Many individuals have reported that they could not find a slot near their location or at a convenient time, even after multiple attempts.

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  • Language barrier


The CoWIN app is available in several languages, but individuals who do not understand these languages may face difficulty navigating the app and completing the registration process. This language barrier can prevent some individuals, especially seniors, from getting vaccinated.


  • Technical glitches during registration


Some individuals have also reported facing technical glitches during registration, such as error messages, slow loading times, and sudden app crashes. These glitches can cause frustration and delay registration, making it difficult for individuals to book their vaccination slots.


  • Difficulty in accessing vaccination centres


Even after successful registration, some individuals have reported difficulty accessing vaccination centres. This includes issues such as long queues, inadequate staff, and inadequate facilities at the vaccination centres.

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It is essential to note that while these issues exist, many individuals have successfully registered and received their vaccination through the CoWIN app. The government is also taking steps to address these issues and improve the overall registration process.


Ways to solve the issues during CoWIN registration


The above issues are quite displeasing, but you can find ways to solve them. One of them is to restart or reinstall the app completely. It acts as a refreshing process for the application. Either way is by putting your mobile into airplane mode and then turning the mode off on restarting it so that your phone and its network refresh. It might help the OTP to enter or reach your mobile. Also, checking whether you have a stable and strong internet connection is an important and effective way of resolving the issues regarding registration via the CoWIN app.

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Another solution is registering at different times of the day. The app can sometimes experience heavy traffic, especially during peak hours, causing it to crash or slow down. By trying at different times, you can avoid congestion and register successfully.


You can use the website instead of the app if you cannot register. The CoWIN website offers the same services as the app and may be more stable and reliable for some users.


Another way to solve the issues during CoWIN registration is to seek help from someone who has successfully registered before. They can guide you through the process and troubleshoot any issues you encounter.

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Lastly, if you still need help, you can contact the CoWIN helpdesk for assistance. They have a dedicated team to address users’ concerns and support registration-related issues.


Final Words


Although the issues were prevalent, you can solve them easily. And always prioritize completing the vaccine doses for yourself and your near and dear ones. It will help you be immunized against the dangerous virus and keep you and your family safe.

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