Best Cities in Ontario to Own Property 

 April 18, 2022

If you’re moving to Ontario and aren’t sure where to land, you’re not alone.  This province has the most diverse city on Earth, the capital of Canada, and Niagara Falls all in one place!  From its gorgeous falls to its cheerful springs, there’s plenty to fall in love with here, but where do you want to end up?

If you’re curious about the province and want to know what it’s like to live here, this is a rundown on what cities in Ontario are the most worth it and why there’s no wrong place to live in Toronto.

Why Ontario?

Ontario might be a surprising option for those who have never been, but it’s an incredible place to live.  Even the largest cities have green spaces; it has white sandy beaches and islands, there’s a large push for art and history and thousands of other things that people can fall in love with while they’re here.

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Ontario, outside of Toronto, is an extremely affordable place to live, is incredibly drivable, and is one of the most exciting locations to visit for music and art year-round.  If you’re considering moving to Vancouver or Edmonton, rethink it.  No city can beat any of the ones that Ontario has.


Hamilton is a medium-sized city on the outskirts of Toronto.  Home to over five hundred thousand people, and a generally temperate winter considering the area, it’s an awesome place to see fantastic views and learn a lot about history.  Covered in conservation areas and waterfalls, the city is divided by a gorgeous mountain range, allowing it to feel like two cities at once.  It’s affordable, beautiful, and has a great harbor view if you just want to enjoy some water and catch your breath from busy living.

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St. Catharines

The largest city in Canada’s Niagara Region, St. Catharines, is a wonderful small city of 140,000 people, three universities, and nonstop things to see and do.  This city is also known as ‘the garden city ‘because of the amount of beautiful greenery and fantastic views here.  Housing here is the least expensive on this list, but it’s seen a huge boost in housing prices since the beginning of 2020, as many properties have.  This boost continues into 2022, which many are excited about, but it’s important to get in on it before it goes above what you can afford.


The smallest city on this list, Welland, has just over 50,000 people and some gorgeous yet expensive neighborhoods.  Although this area is smaller, its prices are extremely high as it’s an area many people buy in to live away from the rush and headaches of city life.  In the fall, this area comes to life in golden and red hues, and it’s absolutely breathtaking for anyone to visit.  It skips out on the high price tag of homes for sale in Toronto and delivers on the beautiful views.

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There’s So Much This Province Can Offer Anyone

Whether you’re moving from within Canada for a new start or from anywhere else in the world, Ontario should be where you want to land. This province is beyond easy to fall in love with.


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