8 Online Slots That Pay 100,000x Your Stake 

 June 20, 2022

Slots offer a variety of ways to win money with minimal betting risk. There are three types of slots: penny slots, nickel slots, and quarter slots. Penny slot games like rtp slot terbaru and judi online typically only cost $0.01 to play with a minimum wager of $0.25 for the most basic versions, but penny slot machines often pay out lower than standard slot machines in proportion to how many credits you play for them – for example, 5 cents per credit played on one penny slot machine versus 10 cents per credit on another machine might result in players being paid 3 times less playing the latter option.

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Nickel slots require up to $1 per spin while quarter-slots can be played with as little as $0.25. Though these games can be a little more costly, they return far larger payouts.


A few of the most popular game combinations are available at online casinos. These games offer the same format, rules, and payouts as the land-based versions. In addition, online gaming sites offer players an opportunity to play more complex slots with bonus rounds and bonus spins that can increase their final winnings several times over what is possible on a typical machine.


  1. Wheel of Fortune (Franklin)

Wheel of Fortune is the most popular game in the world, and with good reason. The game has been around for over 30 years and continues to be played by millions every day worldwide. The game uses the same payouts as other slots, but in addition to that, you can get up to 20 lines on each spin and five bonus spins per line. There are also bonus rounds in which you can win four times your original bet. In addition, this game includes wild symbols that substitute for any other symbol on the reels if they are not present; just like with all other slot games, a wild symbol can only be obtained from winning three times on a single spin.

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  1. Lost Inca’s Gold (Microgaming)

This game is very similar to Wheel of Fortune, with many of the same bonus rounds and possible payouts. Lost Inca’s Gold has been available for several years now, and the popularity shows no signs of slowing. There are 15 pay lines and the option to play more than one coin per line, at which point you can choose to get up to 225-to-1 payouts per spin. The bonus rounds are also just as lucrative as those in Wheel of Fortune; however, with this game you need only spin three times on a single line in order to win a wild symbol, which is one less than with Wheel.

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  1. Koi Princess (Microgaming)

Koi Princess requires the player to enter a bonus round in order to get the most out of it. The bonus round is triggered when the player gets more than three Koi scatter symbols on an active payline. In addition, there are also wilds, scatters and free spins available to players through this game’s bonus rounds. The Koi Princess is a slots offering that combines an Asian theme with high playability and large potential wins.


  1. Cash Splash (Microgaming)

Cash Splash is one of Microgaming’s newer slot machines due to their updates of certain themes each year – its original version first appeared in 2000. The symbols on the reels show a typical family situation with a large house and backyard, with cars parked in the driveway and people having barbecues. The bonus round happens when you get the “Splash” symbol, which can be seen when the player spins five scatters. Like with Koi Princess, there are several rounds of free spins available during this bonus round.

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  1. Cash Cow (Microgaming)

Cash Cow is another game that shows the player how to create a winning atmosphere with their surroundings; this slot game takes place in an amusement park with attractions like roller coasters and rides. The symbols are all farm animals, including cows, sheep and chickens. The bonus round occurs when you spin three of the same symbol at least once during your play. There are four types of free spins, which can be activated during this round.


  1. Bar-Bar Black Sheep (Microgaming)

Bar-Bar Black Sheep is another very popular slot machine from Microgaming that shows the player the true meaning of winning – without having to worry about what kind of losses have been dealt so far in the game. This game features a black sheep running across the reels, creating various wins in the process. The bonus round comes when you spin five sheep in a row only the first time, but the second and third times you get sheep on the reels, free spins are added to your total. There are also several bonus rounds available when you get at least three wilds.

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  1. Hook’s Heroes (Netent)

Hook’s Heroes is one of Netent’s new games that shows how heroes tend to be everywhere – even while you’re trying to relax with an online slot machine game! This game has a pirate theme that is perfect for fans of all things water-based; it’s also whimsical and fun to play. The bonus round is when you get five scatter symbols on the reels. There are also several bonus rounds which can be triggered if you get at least one Hook symbol.


  1. Pyramid: Quest for Immortality (Microgaming)

Pyramid: Quest for Immortality is a slot game that combines an Egyptian theme with a bonus round that will have players’ hearts pounding with excitement. The bonus round occurs when the player gets 3 or more scarab symbols – there are then several rounds of free spins available, along with plenty of opportunities to win even more money as the game progresses.

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The popularity of online gambling has only helped to increase the amount of gambling options available for players. In today’s world, there are many online casinos from which to choose, and playing at one can vastly improve your chances of winning at a land-based casino.

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