17 Best Wedding Gifts for a Newly-wed Couple Under $10 

 January 21, 2021

Arranging a wedding party is not a painless task, however; it remains a thrilling part to flatter your guests in your wedding. Wedding favors are best to represent your appreciation towards the guests. For best and personalized wedding favors below $10 visit Best Price Favors. Here is a list of the 17 cheap wedding favors you just can’t miss out on.

1. Personalized 9 oz. Stemless Wine Glass

Wine has always been a party special and with your wedding at stake, this magnificent-looking stemless wine glass is something that can catch the eyes of the guests coming to your wedding with special free tags. The wine glass is made up of durable glass which is made in the USA and is available at wholesale price to bring extra fun and personalization.

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2. Gold Champagne Container

Have you ever thought of wooing your wedding guests using a gold champagne bottle that comes under $10, uniquely designed to impress the guests? The sparkling bottles can be used by your guests to hold mints, candies, and sweets in their homes. These attractive little acrylic Champagne bottles will bring terrific exhilaration to your wedding event. You can get creative with it by customizing your name tag to be attached to the bottles.

3. Ceramic Tea Cup Candle

This stunning silvery floral-patterned personalized wedding favor under $10 is another impressive product in the list of 17 cheap wedding favors. Made to hold candles, your wedding guests will feel grateful to have them and charm their dinner table at home. These beautiful tea cups available with the saucer is ought to bring memorable moments of your wedding to the guests when they use it at their home as winter table decorations.

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4. Seaside Escape Glass Votive

If you want to add both glamour and rareness to your wedding, then don’t forget to add this ambiance-producing glass votive (set of 4 at just under $10) to your list of wedding favors to delight the guests. This is another sparkling collection (with light and dark blue scale print) is set to bring warm ambiance for your guests as part of dining table decor.

5. Metal Lanterns

Many wedding guests coming to your auspicious wedding may look forward to this astonishing piece of wedding favor in our list. The robust metallic lanterns are a perfect way to offer gratefulness to your guests.

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6. Heart Shaped Glass Coasters

A glass coaster that comes with a free name tag is one of the most trending wedding favors in 2022. The simple-looking yet weighty stuff like glass coasters is an affordable solution to impress your guests at the wedding.

7. Cork Coasters

If you think that the wedding is nothing but a journey of love, and then you have an opportunity to show the same love for the wedding guests then use these cheap wedding favors to charm your guests.

8. Indian Jewel Glass Coasters

Another in the list of trending coasters is these Indian jewels and floral pattern stunning coasters that hold the extreme potential to amaze your guest in your wedding. Another classic feature is that they are made of glass and can augment your wedding atmosphere with a heritage Indian-wedding touch, which is a craze itself among numerous westerners.

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9. Pearlized Glass Photo Coasters

Under $10, yet another beautiful piece of glass coasters that has the potential to carry forward your wedding memory by years. Your wedding guests would be impressed to see your photo and name tag whenever they place a wine glass on them.

10. Wedding Towel

Make your wedding adventurous by allowing the guest to rally your wedding ceremony with these high-quality 100% cotton terry-made wedding towels. The guests coming to your wedding would be surprised with an exploratory wedding towel as personalized wedding favors to rally the propitious event.

11. Heart Bottle Stopper

Amaze with wedding guests with glitters of gold. This is another sparkling addition to the list of 17 best wedding favors that comes under the price of $10. Measuring 1.8″ w x 4.3″ h x 0.8″ d in size, the stylish bottle stopper is coupled with a high-quality rubber gasket that will come in handy for your wedding guests.

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12. Rose Gold Skeleton Key Bottle Openers

To add modest glamour to your wedding, do watch out for these shiny metallic bottle openers that have been loved by many newly-wed couples in America and are a hot product in the personalized wedding favors category. Do gift them to your guest to show your thankfulness.

13. Brass Color Metal Airplane Bottle Opener

The shiny metallic bottle openers are made with robust design from brass with calibrated World War 2 era fighter airplanes that can woo the wedding guests in your wedding. These airplane wedding favors come with free name tags to make your wedding unforgettable among your guests.

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14. Starfish Keychain

Many couples who are marrying may choose a sea-side or beach arena and hence may look forward to these unique starfish keychains as wedding favors to give a marine or aquatic blend to their wedding that will be memorable to the wedding guests.

15. Sailboat Design Candle Holder

Add a magnificent and oceanic atmosphere to your auspicious wedding by choosing these unblemished and sturdy sailboat candleholders (under $10), which can be used by your guests in their homes to enhance home décor.

16. Anchor Design Candle Holder

Another catchy product (Anchor Design Candle Holder) in the list of 17 best personalized wedding favors that couples can choose to show their gratitude to the guests who can use them to light up their homes. The free name tags attached with them will surely make your wedding memorable and everlasting.

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17. 9 1/2″ Tall Ivory Metal Lighthouse

With a size 11 1/2″ tall handle, this lighthouse-shaped lantern is a true delight for your guests in your wedding. The best feature of the product is that it has a round base to hold flowers or decorating elements to charm the guests. This is below $10 wedding favor from bestpricefavors that a newly-wed couple can offer to their guests to steal the show.

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