12 Nail Art Ideas with Your Nail Paint 

 September 7, 2022


Going out on a date? Or just a night out with your besties? Or maybe a special occasion? All of these occasions, apart from being social calls, social events, or family functions are also an excuse and an opportunity for you to dress up and bring out your glam game. All of us want to look fabulous on our day out and be our best selves.

But your outfit is not complete without your accessories, your hair, and your makeup. Wait, we are missing something…. YES! Nails. For long nails have been left at the mercy of nail paint. Regardless of the occasion, all that the nails got was nail paint that matched the outfit. Nails have had enough, and we are here to set your nails and your creativity free. Why should you restrict your nails to boring nail paint when the same can be used to create stunning nail art that will get people talking and turn heads wherever you go?

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Nail Art


And while you might think that your creativity really is limited, we are giving out these 12 nail art ideas that are easy to implement and apply and will take your nail art game to a higher level.

What is your Nail Shape?

Before we get into the thick and thin of nail art, we need to have a basic understanding of nail shape and size and how it might affect the nail art you are planning to create. Whether you have a set manicure routine at the salon or have a handy manicure set at home, some of the most common nail shapes are:

  • Stiletto
  • Oval
  • Square
  • Almond
  • Squoval
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All these shapes have their own uniqueness and can be used to create nail art that suits them the best. These nail shapes are also dependent on the shape of your natural nails and once you get the hang of nail art, you can choose nail shapes yourself and create nail shapes you want to try.

12 Nail Art Ideas for your boring Nail Paint

Nail art is an innovative artwork to design and embellish nails. It can be done on fingernails or toenails, there is a variety of designs available, and it is a fun way to brighten your style and everyday looks. To have successful nail art, the nail should be clean and appropriately trimmed, nail art can only be created that is well shaped and filed before trimming.

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There are different nail arts that one can try:

1.     Daisies

Daisy nail art is very simple to make and easy to pull off. All you need to do is create a canvas of base color on your nails. You can choose any base color for your nails, yellow, pink, indigo, sky blue, or cherry red to truly embrace the colors of life. Then use a nail pen or brush to create a centered orange dot and surround it with white daisy petals to create small little daisies on your nails.

2.     Color up your French Manicure

Going for a French manicure? It can easily be guessed that we are all bored with the same old white polish tips on our nails. Instead of giving up on the white tips, what if we told you that you can get your nails tipped in any color you want? Just use a thin brush and follow the curve of your nail to create a natural tipped curve.

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3.     Pastel Storm

Want to mix things up? Paint your nails white, let them dry out, and then start with the other layers of the colors you want. You don’t need to cover the entire nail in layers. Just apply the colors you want on top of each other in whichever sections you like. The main idea behind this nail art is experimentation.

4.     Half Moons

This is another basic nail design that can be easily pulled off. You can choose whatever base color you want, but you have to ensure that your base color and your half moon colors are contrasting with each other. After your base color dries up, use the thin brush to paint the bottom of your nails in the shape of half-moons.

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5.     Polka Dots

Polka dots are always in style. Choose a base color you want, preferably a color that will make the dots you will paint, pop. Once the base nail paint has dried up, you can use a thin brush to paint the dots on your nails.

6.     Minimal Design

This nail art is very minimalistic and does not involve a lot of designing. Just pick a color and use a thin brush to create an outline of your design and then fill the outline with the colors you want.

7.     Two Colours

You can also use 2 different colors on your nails in a variety of combinations. Colouring alternate nails or just using the two colors on each nail in a different style.

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8.     Sequence

Want to create a rainbow? Or a sequence of similar colors? Just bunch up the shades of the color you want on your nails for a joyful time with your nails.

9.     Clouds

Everyone likes clouds. You can have clouds on your own nails. Paint your nails in base blue color and then use a brush to paint white clouds on your nails in any shape you like.

10. Snowflakes

Just like clouds, you can create snowflakes on your nails. Paint your nail in the base color you want and then use a thin brush to paint snowflakes on your nails with white nail paint.

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11. Fruits

Feel like going with the seasonal vibe? Paint those seasonal fruits on your nails with all those different colors you can use to draw the fruits.

12. Flora designs

Floral designs never go out of fashion. There are nail pens available to create floral designs using nail paint. It suits everybody because everybody loves flowers, and it showcases a simple yet very stylish take.

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